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Ski Sheet

The Ski Sheet allows non-ambulant individuals to be quickly and safely evacuated in event of an emergency. The sheet remains in place under the individuals mattress at all times, allowing it to be instantly accessible. The straps of the Ski Sheet are stored in pockets on the underside of the sheet. Once the straps have been accessed and secured the individual can then be slid off the bed using the head/foot end handles and taken to safety.

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Packed: 27cm x 10cm x 13cm
Unrolled: 196cm x 85cm
Weight: 1kg
Safety tested to: 250kg
Safe working load: 120kg - two people
Material: Nylon
Features: Pockets for storing the cross straps. Elastic corner straps for attaching Sheet to the mattress. Seat belt style webbing straps and metal buckles.


Ski Sheet: SKISH01
Pocket Modified: SKISH02

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