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S-CAPEPLUS Carry Sheet

Carry Sheet

The flexible, life-saving solution for rescue workers, trauma teams, firefighters, and first aid specialists.

The Carry Sheet is designed to make it easier to effectively transfer patients with minimal effort.

With 12 secure carrying handles, multiple rescue responders can effortlessly balance and carry a patient from the scene quickly. The patient’s weight is evenly distributed across the canvas sling allowing for minimal disruption even over rough terrain.

Whether responding to a forest, national park, or another rough area, the Carry Sheet allows rescue workers to safely and quickly carry patients out of the area without any bumps along the way.

With or without PVC Carry Handles, Comfort or compact? Choose what suits your needs

The Carry Sheet with so-called PVC carry handles increases the comfort for the users. This version will be delivered in a small carrying bag. The model without the PVC carry handles has a carabiner to securely clip the Carry Sheet to your clothing. This also makes the package incredibly small.

Compact Storage  -  Use the attached carabiner to securely clip the Carry Sheet to your clothing for easy transport. The Carry Sheet is ready to go wherever you are. By rolling the Carry Sheet, you can carry it in your first aid kit or rescue bag and quickly unroll it in the event of an emergency.




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Technical Specifications

Size Carry Sheet: 205×80 cm / 81″ – 31″
Size feet section: 40×80 cm / 15″ – 31″
Material top side: PU coating
Material bottom side: 100% polyester
Weight capacity: 500 kg / 1100 lbs
Laundry instructions: 60 degrees, dry on low temperature, do not iron, no chemical cleaning, do not bleach

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