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External Escape

Single-entry escape chute is permanently installed at a fixed location for used as Emergency Exit for building external evacuation system. The type mounted on the rooftop, balcony or corridor, window type, and other special evacuation opening from the building, which gives occupants access to the chute on that floor. It is intended to provide alternate paths of egress in the case of critical compromise of the primary path, and to provide additional paths of egress to alleviate congestion in the primary path - a more efficient evacuation sequence for the entire building. Egress path inside the chute tube protects Users from fire effects. One chute serves one floor. The maximum length of chute is 75m or the height of the building is limited to' 75m.

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Some of the important characteristics features of the Ingstrom Escape Chute are:
�    No power source is required; 
�    Protect evacuees from fire effects; 
�    Can be strategically placed at evacuation sites to enhance the remoteness of egress components; 
�    Always available for immediate use, quick and easy to deploy; 
�    Can transport a continuous flow of evacuees; 
�    Require little or no instruction for use; 
�    Require little physical exertion in using the device to descend; 
�    Users have the ability to self-control the speed of own descends; 
�    Allow external means to control the speed of one's descend from ground level; 
�    Suitable for all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including physically impaired people. 

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