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Internal Escape

The Multi-Entry mode is a multi-entrance emergency escape installation that has similarity fire resistance features to the fire escape stairs and fireman's lift. It takes up little space to install and can take up the challenges during fire while evacuating occupants. Apart from the similarity in the safety features, unlike the fireman's lifts the multi-entry mode need no power supply to operate, allowing it to be operational for evacuation during power black out. Furthermore, it has no stairs, which allow elderly, disabled or injured people on stretcher to escape vertically to ground level safely. This is contrary to the fire staircase, which can only be used by able-bodied people. It is a good alternative for buildings where provision of firemen's lifts is not required for rescue, without compromising on safety. There is no constraint in height of building. Several segments of chute overlap in forming a long chute where it is accessible from every floor or from every alternate floor. 

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Some of the important characteristics features of the Ingstrom Escape Chute are:
�    No power source is required; 
�    Protect evacuees from fire effects; 
�    Can be strategically placed at evacuation sites to enhance the remoteness of egress components; 
�    Always available for immediate use, quick and easy to deploy; 
�    Can transport a continuous flow of evacuees; 
�    Require little or no instruction for use; 
�    Require little physical exertion in using the device to descend; 
�    Users have the ability to self-control the speed of own descends; 
�    Allow external means to control the speed of one's descend from ground level; 
�    Suitable for all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including physically impaired people. 

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