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Mobile Rescue Chute

Ingstrom Mobile Rescue Chute has become standard rescue equipment for fire aerial ladder trucks such as Bronto Skylift, Simon Snorkel, Cella, Iveco Magirus, Metz and Rosenbauer used by fire brigades worldwide for high rise rescue operations.

The universal standard foldable platform is portable and adaptable for use with mobile rescue units, such as the fire brigades, aerial ladder trucks. The foldable platform can either in ready mounted on bucket or in a cassette, which is ready for used when required.

The quick deployment of mobile rescue unit provides people trapped in high rise building a safer means of rapid vertical escape from bucket to ground and also would reducing the risk exposure of the fireman climbing up the rescue. This approach eliminates the time involved in lowering and raising the aerial-ladder platform, hence reduces the speed of rescuing victims from tall building by almost ten times in comparison to using the conventional method.

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