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MARK Hawk is a descender device with 2 eye bolts being supplied as standard with the MK mobile crane series in the crane driver's cab, in the event of it proving impossible for the cab to be moved away. If unused and in its original packing, the Rescue Lift can remain ready for use for 10 years and requires no maintenance. For top-slewing cranes we have up to now offered the SAVE A LIFE Rescue Lift Profile MARK Hawk as an option on the price list, Ident-No. 9343 07401, which consists of the following components: � MARK Hawk with cable for 100 m abseil height (also available up to a maximum of 300 m) and up to a maximum body weight of 150 kg � Loop slings for securing to the fixed point � Rescue overalls � Storage cabinet for the components referred to above, for securing in the crane driver's cab. If an emergency arises, there will always be a Rescue Lift available in the crane driver's cab.