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INGSTROM Escape Chute

Mobiltex Evacuation Systems AB manufactures the INGSTROM Escape Chute. The INGSTROM Escape Chute is manufactured in conformance to its performance as "escape chute" tested by The Josef Tuliszkowski Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection, Warsaw, Poland, for the purpose of evacuating people from 2-storey up to high rise buildings in the case of fire, earthquake, terrorism or any other catastrophe. INGSTROM Escape Chute serve as both alternative and supplemental means of egress for buildings and structures when other means of escape may be damaged or inaccessible during catastrophic events. Today, INGSTROM Escape Chute is recognised by many fire authorities as a hardware solution to correct egress deficiencies and to increase egress capacity in old buildings where it is not possible to provide fire escapes or increase the size of existing stairways in its structure due to inherent limitations in design, construction, mobility or availability. INGSTROM Escape Chute is mostly customized for a specific application, for instance, in buildings, off-shores, ferries, grain silos, air-traffic control towers, rocket launching pads and giant shovels used in the mining industry. In addition, there is a mobile version, which can be attached to the basket of a sky lift or aerial ladder truck that is used by the fire department for high rise rescue. The industries and sectors of economies that INGSTROM Escape Chute can offer are: - Fire Services and Civil Defence Force - Architects, Building Designers and Planners - Property Developers and Building Owners - Property and Facility Managements - Mining industries - Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas industries - Marine and Off-Shore industries - Special hazards projects