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MARK Falcon

MARK Falcon Self Rescue System is a relatively safe, simple, low cost self-escape Controlled Descent Device that functions as an alternative means of emergency escape when needed. It appeal to the following group of customers:
1. Developers, Building owners or Tenant Groups in office buildings, hotels;
2. Small businesses in buildings with windows or glass panels that can be modified for easy removal;
3. Individual home ownership for families in high rise apartment --- stores in a closet --- in many cases requires no modifications to structure.

The MARK Falcon descender device is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls from a height and has been designed for use in combination with PPE according to EN 1497, EN 361, E1498, EN 795 and EN 362.

MARK Falcon is certified according to EN 341 and has been tested by TÜV Süd.

MARK Falcon has been designed especially for self-rescue purposes. MARK Falcon is easy to handle and can therefore be used by children, elder or infirm people and in stressful situations.

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The self-rescue system consists of the following components: anchor points, overalls and a descender incl. rope. The anchor points are fixed beforehand by us or a locksmith for example at two strategic escape points (e.g. windows, balconies). The overalls and the descender are stored in a bag or locker, as you wish. The descender comes with a rope. The rope length will be determined according to your needs (building height). The rope is equipped with carabiners at both ends, which is important if you want to use it as a "shuttle system". We provide 2 overalls (sizes according to your wishes), but if you want more, just tell us. Keep in mind: A smaller person always fits into a larger overall, i.e. kids can use an overall size L. There is no risk of slipping through. The system also works as a "shuttle system". That means that more than one person can descend - but one after another. As the first person descends, the carabiner at the other end of the rope will be lifted up and the second person can use it. The first person just leaves his/her overall on the carabiner after stepping out. As the second person descends the carabiner with the overall will be lifted back up and a third person can use it.

Key data

  • Descent load min. 30 kg

  • Descent load max. 150 kg

  • Descent height max. 300 m

  • Descent speed ca. 0.8 m/sec

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