The iEvac® Smoke/Fire Hood is certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) as being in complete conformance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2009, American National Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices. This certification is earned after extensive independent testing to prove compliance with every requirement in the Standard. This testing was performed by Intertek and Assay Technology. Unlike other smoke hoods which have only a fabric neck dam, the iEvac has a silicone neck dam for the highest level of protection. The iEvac, made of a clear material, offers an improved field of view over other smoke masks & smoke hoods which have only a small window. And, compared with smoke hoods that have a single filter in front, our dual filters do not obstruct your view. These dual filters also allow for easier breathing, important when you are breathing hard and fast in a stressful situation. 3 high-visibility reflective strips aid first responders by making the wearer easy to locate in darkness and smoke.

I-Evac Fire/Smoke Hood