A frightening scenario: fire in a multi-story building. Escape via the (emergency) staircase is possible, at least as long asheat and smoke are kept out. Suffocation by smoke in particular causes many fatalities. Trying to get away via theroof and wait there for a helicopter to arrive is another option. But when a helicopter comes close, the rotor blades act like a huge fan kindling the fire. Yet another option is to wait for the Fire Department to arrive with their ladder truck or sky-lift, but these vehicles also have their limitations: evacuating large numbers of people in a short time is not possible. Is this the end? Fortunately not, because more than 30 people per minute can be evacuated with the “Ingström Escape Chute” reinforced with Twaron – an invention of the Fin Stig Ingström. Ingström Escape Chute permits quick mass evacuation