Mark Hawk
Product Description
The MARK Hawk has been designed for professional users, e.g., fire services, height rescue, industrial climbers in Crane Tower Rescue System. It provides its user with a safe and relatively simple self-escape solution in critical times of emergencies. This descender device includes eye bolts, allowing users to stop their descent at any time.
  • The design includes eyebolts to stop descent at any time
  • Automatic and controlled descent of one user at any one time
  • Shuttle system – allows more than one user to descend but one after another
  • User-friendly design and easy to deploy


  • The cable of 100m abseil height and up to a maximum bodyweight of 150kg
  • Rescue overalls
  • Loop slings for securing to the fixed point
  • Storage cabinet


  • Maintenance-free for 10 years when stored in its original packaging
  • Functional and effective
  • Budget-friendly
  • Minimal modifications (easy to remove)


Descent load : 20kg – 150kg (1 person)
Descent height : max 300m
Descent speed : 8m/sec
Material : steel