Multi Entry Escape Chute
Product Description
In the event of an emergency, the accessibility and efficiency of evacuation routes are of paramount importance. The Multi-entry Escape Chute provides an efficient and reliable solution for users of all ages and physical capabilities to safely escape a multi-level building via vertical evacuation. The Escape Chute, requiring no power source, is permanently installed on every floor of a building within an enhanced fire-proof stair enclosure. The multi-entry escape chute system is permanently installed inside a vertical shaft/duct within the building, and it allows occupants gain access to the chute at each floor where several levels can be simultaneously evacuated inside. These multiple chutes are located inside the enclosed fireproof shaft, with doors that automatically close after use. One segment of 2-layers chutes per floor, from the highest floor to the ground floor on the same vertical line, no restriction on the numbers of floors or height of the building.
  • Highly accessible – designed to allow entry at each floor of the building, similar to fire escape stairs or fireman’s lifts
  • Installed within an enhanced stair enclosure – which includes an anti-fire door, an emergency light, an intercom and is served by an overpressure fan located at the ground floor
  • Compact and flexible design – requires a minimum area of 2-sq. m of floor space at each floor on the same vertical line from top to ground floor
  • No constraint in the height of buildings – segments of the chute installed in every floor is designed to overlap to form one long chute
  • Efficient – when the primary egress path is congested or obstructed in any way, the escape chute provides a safe alternative for users to escape vertically
  • User-friendly – allows use by users of all ages, regardless of their physical capabilities
  • Designed with two layers of fire-resistant material to protect its users from fires, high temperature, and smoke
  • Manufactured in Sweden


  • Allows for an efficient and continuous flow of evacuees at any one time
  • Requires no power source to function
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Suitable for users of all ages and physical conditions, including those physically impaired
  • Requires minimal to no instruction for use


Material: Internal Layer (Aramid/Twarom fabrics) for resistance; External Layer (Spuncell elastic) to break the speed of descent
Size of door of enhanced stair enclosure: H – 2m, W – 70cm
Duct size: 1500x2500mm
Installation space required: 1.2-1.4m^2 of floor space
No maximum length constraint