S-CAPEPLUS Bariatrics
Product Description
-When a situation calls for an emergency evacuation, the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress provides a comfortable and easy-to-use solution to safely evacuate an immobile individual down the stairs and out of the building. -The Bariatric Model is designed with a large payload capacity; it is capable of withstanding up to 400kg/881lbs of weight.
  • large payload capacity – 400kg/881lbs
  • Equipped with Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber
  • Evacuate in a controlled manner
  • Can be operated by multiple individuals
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical evacuation
  • Ergonomic – long pulling straps to allow for standing straight while manoeuvring


  • Positioning straps to secure the torso and legs of the individual
  • Adjustable footboards to prevent the individual from sliding down
  • Long pulling straps
  • Handles on longitudinal sides for lifting


  • Easily replaceable cover in case of damage
  • Machine-wash friendly
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Retains body heat


Article number : 5N88BAR866
Model name : S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress – Bariatric Model
Weight : 14kg / 31lbs
Size : 205 x 85 cm / 81? x 34?, In bag: 90 x 40 x 63 cm / 35? x 16? x 25?
Safe working load : 400kg/881lbs