Mobile Escape Chute
Product Description
The Portable/Mobile Rescue Chute has become standard rescue equipment for fire aerial ladder trucks used by fire brigades worldwide for high-rise rescue operations. Mounted onto the bucket of the aerial ladder platform, it provides a safe, efficient, and effective escape solution for individuals trapped in tall buildings. It eliminates the time-consuming maneuvers in lowering the aerial platform, increases the evacuation capacity by almost ten times in comparison to using the conventional methods, and without exposing fire rescue personnel to danger from climbing up the aerial ladder.
  • Portable and universally adaptable for use by mobile rescue units (ie. Bronto Skylift, Simon Snorkel, Cella, Iveco Magirus, Metz and Rosenbauer)
  • Designed to efficiently evacuate users from tall buildings without exposing fire rescue personnel to danger while climbing up tall aerial ladders
  • User-friendly design allowing for use by any individual regardless of age and physical capability
  • Manufactured using materials to protect the user from exposure to flames, heat, and smoke
  • Efficient – the average speed of descent for any one user is about 2.5m/second (with the right behavior)


  • Portable carrier bags and container – to store prolonged segments of the chute


  • Protects fire rescue personnel from unnecessary risk of danger
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Suitable for users of all ages and physical conditions, including those physically impaired
  • Allows for external means to control the speed of descent
  • Requires minimal to no instruction for use


Material of portable carrier bag and container: 25/100 PVC layer and red fiberglass
Material of universal foldable platform: 100% aluminum (frame and cast)
Material of chute: Outer Chute – Protection layer (electro glass of low alkalic content); Middle Chute – Braking layer (Modacryl and Elastromer (lycra)); Inner Chute – Friction layer (Interlayer Para Aramid, warp and vet Viyl Chloride fibres)