Mark Robin
Product Description
The MARK Robin functions as a controlled descent device with a high payload capacity of up to two users (225kg). It offers a multitude of possible uses for different rescue scenarios such as heigh rescue when working at great heights and for the quick rescue of several people, as two people can be lowered and lifted at the same time. Descent can be regulated with the eye bolts and a rope clamp is included in its design to allow its users with independent control of the descent.
  • Functional – design includes eye-bolts and a rope clamp to provide its users with more control of the descent
  • Automatic and controlled descent of two users
  • High load capacity of up to 225kg at any one time
  • User friendly design and easy to deploy


  • Rescue overalls and descender stored in a seal-pack


  • Maintenance free for 10 years when stored in its original packaging
  • High payload capacity
  • Functional and effective


Maximum capacity : 225kg (2 persons)
Descent speed : 8m/sec (independent of descending load)
Descent height : max 500m
Material : aluminium, steel