Single Entry Escape Chute
Product Description
The Single-Entry Escape Chute serves to provide a secure and reliable alternative route of escape when the main escape route is compromised in a multi-level building. Single-Entry Escape Chute serves only the floor which it is installed at the rooftop, windows, balcony of the corridor, and any other special evacuation openings from the building and served as “Emergency Exit for external egress in an emergency.
  • Highly accessible and efficient – provides an alternative evacuation route when the primary routes of egress are unavailable, overwhelmed or obstructed in any way
  • Designed to include three layers of material to protect its users from high temperatures (up to 800 deg C) and smoke
  • Compact and flexible design – only 2m * 2m of floor space required for installation
  • Can be retrofitted in new and existing buildings
  • User-friendly design – the speed of descent can be self-controlled easily using the user’s own body
  • High payload capacity and efficient – supports a payload of up to 1000kg and the evacuation of a maximum of 30 users per minute
  • Manufactured in Sweden


  • Requires no power source to function
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Suitable for users of all ages and physical conditions, including those physically impaired
  • Allows for external means to control the speed of descent
  • Requires minimal to no instruction for use


Maximum length: 75m
Installation space required: 2m * 2m of floor space
Maximum load capacity : 1000kg
Material : Outer Layer-Flameproof Layer (100% fiberglass fabrics); Middle Layer – Breaking Layer (Madacryl and Elastomer flexible fabrics); Inner Layer-Support Layer (Aramid/Twaron fabrics)
Average speed of descent: 2.5m/second